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Red Bull Flying Day was it was an event in 2013 in the historic center of Prague  where fans were jumping/flying on various
devices to the Vltava river. It was promoted through CLV, banners, radio and through the direct mail where
customers were signing themselves up. We acquired this client in 2009 and worked for him for 5 years.

Direct mail tool kit was being sent to the constructers of the flying devices and it contained Red Bull cans and small technical supplies in the name of “Red Bull is strengthening body and the mind”.

Below are T-Shirts we have made for the event and that were being given as a present to all competitors and sponsors.

LAB-ADvertising’s website is currently in LABoratory development. Above is a snippet of stickers and flyers for the Red Bull Music Academy Event. It is a course for talented DJs led by world-class DJs. This and many more interesting events are currently being updated. If you are thinking about an event during these corona-times, definitely let us know!