Vyberte stránku

We won the tender for a redesign of the Nový Prostor magazinehelping the homeless on the streets. The task was to change the logo and cover so as to increase the sales of sold by homeless on the street. We designed the logo, and the process of changing it together with the layout and the main theme of each issue. This redesign and promotion we designed doubled sales. This redesign from 2006 uses magazine a successful so far..

Captions written in street art font. Illustration used by streetart stencil.

Photos of personalities from the interviews checked in the spirit of the articles.

We designed and produced bags and clothes for the seller with branding

Famous actors dressed in the style of Nový Prostor handed over clothes and bags to the most successful sellers so far.
The actors went to the streets of Prague to sell and promote the magazine in new clothes and with new content and design.

The banner campaign was a parody of the stars of tabloid magazines. Homeless like street stars.